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NCONL is the state level affiliate of the American Organization of Nurse Leaders and serves as a voice for North Carolina nurse leaders to shape healthcare through innovative and expert nurse leadership.  NCONL works to strengthen nursing leadership through professional development, to facilitate nursing research in order to advance nursing practice, and to influence health care policy regarding the value and impact of the nursing profession.  NCONL, through the collaboration and networking of nurse leaders across the state, serves as a catalyst for the positive transformation of patient care.

NCONL understands the value and strength of promoting unity and cohesiveness across the nursing profession and works to nurture key relationships with the North Carolina Board of Nursing, the North Carolina Healthcare Association, and the North Carolina Nurses Association.  NCONL serves as the lead nursing organization for the North Carolina Future of Nursing Action Coalition.

NCONL is also proud to acknowledge that all nurses have the potential to lead and can serve to positively influence the delivery of patient care and improved patient outcomes. Nurses in both formal leadership positions and nurses aspiring to leadership roles are invited and encouraged to join.  We seek to be one voice advancing health in North Carolina.

Are you a member of NCONL and interested in joining the Executive Board?

NCONL is seeking to fill a vacancy on the Executive Board for Chair of the Legislative Affairs committee.  This Board member has the responsibility for staying abreast of healthcare legislation in North Carolina and providing quarterly updates to the Executive Board.  The ideal candidate has a passion for the profession of nursing and a desire to assure legislative decisions are beneficial to nurses and enhance healthcare delivery in North Carolina.   NCONL is for all nurse leaders because we know leadership is not about a title...leadership is about action, courage and passion on behalf of those we serve.  If you are willing to serve, please submit your Willingness to Serve application by October 15, 2019.  Willingness to Serve

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The Voice of Nursing Leadership

NCONL... a Community of North Carolina Nurse Leaders

NCONL brings together nurse leaders from across the state who are passionate ..........passionate about patient care, passionate about supporting the nurses they lead and passionate about planning for the future.  NCONL offers resources for education through discussion boards, district meeting and annual conferences.  NCONL drives change through advocacy, consistently having a presence in front of the NC Legislature and assuring elected officials hear the voice of NC nurses.  NCONL builds community through shared strategies, collaboration and connection.  We hope you feel the passion and bring your expertise to our community....we are stronger together!


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